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Java Programming

Topic outline

  • Computer with Java Code

    Course Description

    This course introduces computer programming using the JAVA programming language with object-oriented programming principles. Emphasis is placed on event-driven programming methods, including creating and manipulating objects, classes, and using object-oriented tools such as the class debugger.

    The Java programming language originated as part of a research project to develop advanced software for a wide variety of network devices and embedded systems. The goal was to develop a small, reliable, portable, distributed, real-time operating platform.

    What you'll learn in this course:

    • You can learn complete java program and you can exercise with quiz for developing your skill
    • you will learn about the software's interface
    • Java is used to Software Testing, develop mobile apps, web apps, desktop apps, games and much more.
    • The course is self-paced with text based modules, practical interactive examples and exercises to check your understanding as you progress.
    • how to read complex data, create applications and graphic user interfaces. Java is a programming language related to C++ that helps the programmer create an interface for computer users. ... As a student, you learn to master Java basics.
    • Price $1500
    • Instructor M Rahman
    • Course Level Intermediate
    • Duration 24 weeks
    • Live Class 24
    • Quizzes 50+
    • Certificate Yes
    • Language Eng / Ban
    • Access Lifetime
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