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Dorian Vates

Blog entry by Dorian Vates

Henry Margu is one of the oldest American wig makers that is known for their natural wig styles and outstanding workmanship since 1951. They've created timeless and on-trend styles.

The Claire Wig is a chic style that provides the illusion of movement that frames your face. Crafted with feather light open cap made by machine and featuring thin stretch elastic lacing throughout its cap construction. Also known as mono-top.

More Information About Henry Margu Wigs

Henry Margu is one of the oldest American wig producers and is widely recognized for its beautiful and practical styles that draw women who have lost their hair. Their innovative techniques produce natural-looking styles that match each wearer's individual sense of fashion and bring life to the stage!

Henry Margu Collections consist of Main, Naturally Yours, HiLite, Mane Attractions and Petite Solutions. The Main collection provides clients with beautiful human and synthetic fiber styles to satisfy their customers requirements. Naturally Yours caters specifically to women experiencing thin or fine hair, with bangs, bobs and the most wavy styles available. Finally HiLite adds an astounding new twist by using thickly streaked colors that provide a striking yet natural appearance. Two stunning collections by Henry Margu.

Claire from Henry Margu is a stylish hairstyle with all-over texture wavy layers that move for a frame to the face. It also helps add depth. Crafted by machine using open cap construction with airflow all over and adjustable tabs on the nape and ear tabs that provide maximum comfort, Claire is a stunning statement piece.

Maintaining the appearance and quality of a wig is dependent on proper maintenance. A proper cleaning process will safeguard the fiber and keep its condition. Carefully wash your wig with clean cold water with just a small amount of shampoo. Rinse and squeeze out any excess water from its base before gently shaking off any excess. Allow to air dry on a wig stand, Styrofoam head or lay flat on a towel for air drying (avoiding direct heat exposure as this could cause further damage) Before drying your wig in natural sunlight, without any direct heat exposure. This will help keep its natural beauty and avoid frizzing effects!

Henry Margu Styles

Henry Margu has been crafting natural looking wigs since 1951. They continue to lead the way with their innovative styles, amazing color choices and unbeatable quality. Their expert wig making techniques create lightweight styles that look and feel just as natural hair for women who lead a busy life. Plus they offer trend-setting designs for the fashion-conscious.

Henry Margu's Kendall wig is stunning shoulder-skimming layered bob with beautiful face framing beach waves and long flowing bangs. Crafted with monofilament top and front cap made of lace for greater comfort and an individualized direction for parting; wearers can cut their hair in anywhere to create natural look and greater comfort than when they parted in any direction! Easily style it for curls or straighten it for sleek, elegant looks.

Henry Margu offers many textured styles, as well as hand tied, monofilament and lace front styles. Be aware that if a wig does not declare whether or not it features the monofilament top, it most likely includes permatease on top of the head.

Henry Margu wigs offer an ideal solution for those with hair loss or looking to increase volume or want to change their style completely. Their easy style and care makes them effortless choices you just need to wash and brush every couple of days to get prepared!

Henry Margu Colors

Henry Margu has become one of the oldest wig manufacturers in the US thanks to their fashionable and modern designs, modern styles and unbeatable quality wigs. Family owned and run, Henry Margu has become synonymous with trendy hair styles that help women feel beautiful in themselves and self-confident in themselves.

Henry Margu's Premiere hair wigs are created using 100 100% Remy human hair which is hand selected and processed, to give a natural, luxurious look and feeling. Furthermore their cuticle layer been protected to protect against environmental damage and create natural colors that are inspired by salon environments.

Henry Margu offers vibrant colored hues to those looking for an enhanced, vibrant appearance like the highlighted colors. Dyed with darker base hues and lighter highlights these dyes create an organic and contemporary look. If you're looking for something that has more depth and a greater dimension to the design, Henry Margu offers numerous root colors that add depth and dimension.

Henry Margu has 13 incredible natural gray shades for women who want a natural gray appearance, each created using multi-tonal dye technology that mimics how grey bio hair naturally grows and fades over time. These unique hues are available in a variety of Henry Margu's best-selling monofilament wig styles like Chelsey of the Naturally Yours Collection.

Henry Margu Care

Henry Margu has been one of the oldest wig manufacturers for over 70 years, creating fashionable styles to help those suffering loss of hair feel confident and gorgeous. Their skilled craftsmanship creates natural-looking wigs that draw customers back time and time again.

The wig can change one's appearance, offering them comfort and helping reduce the amount of attention that is drawn to them. However, for maximum performance, it is crucial to understand how to maintain it in order to get the most benefit from it.

We at Wigs International, we recommend washing and conditioning your wig with specifically-made shampoo and conditioner that is designed specifically for synthetic fiber wigs. If you aren't wearing it, be sure to store your wig properly; shorter styles should be kept on a wig stand or Styrofoam heads; longer styles can be hung on a rack or laid flat for storage. The act of folding, boxing or storing the wig could result in creases and folds, while extreme temperatures like stoves or fireplaces could melt the synthetic fibers, rendering it unusable or causing irreparable harm if worn nearing such devices!

Henry Margu offers more than the classic "Main" line of wigs. Other collections such as "Naturally Yours" for those who prefer natural styles, and "HiLite" for those living life to the highest degree. Additionally, Henry Margu provides medical hair loss sufferers with "Petite Solutions" with open cap designs which offer comfortable, cool and lightweight wearing.