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Wesley Carretero

Blog entry by Wesley Carretero

Lane Boots seamlessly merge fashion and function, producing elegant boots designed to allow you to walk comfortably while looking stunning. From traditional English fashions to Old Pawn inspired hardware and fringe details that are reminiscent of old fashions, Lane has something perfect for everyone who loves fashion!

These adorable shortie boots showcase soft vintage classic brown leather at its finest, featuring leather braiding detail for added flair, side pulls, and a stylish and rounded toe.

Plain Jane Shortie

There's nothing simple about this classic shoe. Crafted of beautiful distressing brown soft leather and with intricate braiding detail on both sides and on at the top of each, these boots provide an element of texture and appeal. Wear them with jeans or lace dresses for a classy cowgirl look and pair them with flowing tops, lace tops and distressed jeans to create a more casual boho look. At an ankle height, they are incredibly versatile and comfortable. Featuring Lane's signature rounded toe, they will elevate the look of your everyday outfit!

Crafted by a skilled craftsman using naturally decorated and treated leathers Each pair of Lane boots is truly one-of-a-kind. Like any other handmade item the color, tone and texture can differ from batches; this only serves to show their uniqueness and their durability. These boots fit true to size.

Plain Jane Tall

Simple Jane Tall is a timeless classic leather boot that has lots of personality. With just enough leather braiding at its collar and seams on the sides The boot stands out due to its 16.5-inch tall height and styled toe that's rounded - ideal for leggy legs! This little gem can be a perfect addition to your favourite outfit or dress for a night on the town.

Lane knows that every cowgirl has her own unique style, and strives to create boots which reflect that. Their selection includes everything from floral embroidery, studded designs, to animal print designs - therefore there will have something for every personality out there.

Craftsmen hand-craft each pairLane Boots by using naturally decorated and treated leathers with subtle variations in texture, tone and color for every pair - this creates the distinct character and quality associated with Lane Boots artisanship is key to their success - they don't mass produce their products!

Sierra Tan

The classic distressed brown/tan leather boot from an heirloom quality collection features small fringe features. The real standout is the fringe braided adornment hanging from a vintage medallion ideal for wearing with dark skinny jeans and leggings!

Sierra Tan Oak captures today's style trend towards natural warmth and natural beauty It features an authentic embossed in register surface that is enhanced by subtle grain patterns for classic style that blends well with a variety of modern decor styles such as traditional and rustic styles of decor.

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See Jane Walk

Lane Boots was established in 2007 with the mission of offering more stylish versions of the traditional cowgirl boots, earning themselves the reputation of being pioneers in fashion-forward styles in cowgirl boots. From Jeni Lace Embroidered Cowgirl Boots to Studded Rocker Harness Cowgirl Boots, they provide a variety of styles to reflect individual personality.

Lane Boots was established in Arlington, Texas but now is based in Leon, Mexico - the central point for Western manufacturing of boots. At its core lies an experienced team of craftsmen committed to their work. They are extremely happy to create Lane's signature boots - "we make them with passion and love and it's not just a job for us," according to President Justine Lord.

Every Lane Boot begins as a premium leather that has been cut using dies made of metal and a computerized cutting device before being hand-sewn by skilled craftsmen using needles and thread. The embellishments are hand created by artists. The soles and heels are fixed using wooden pegs made of lemon.

Lane Boots offer both comfort and style. The soft leather stretches to fit the foot quickly for effortless wearability without any break-in needed. Each pair is adorned with the distinctive turquoise soles of the brand to instantly recognize them.